From October 6 to December 10, 2015, all UC faculty, staff and students were invited to participate in the Cool Campus Challenge — a friendly, fun competition aimed at reducing UC’s carbon footprint and creating a culture of sustainability across campuses.

We are extremely grateful for your participation and excited to continue building on these efforts together. While celebrating what we’ve done to date, we’re also calling on all of us to continue the actions we pledged to take and to do even more. Be in touch with your campus’s sustainability offices and visit their websites. They will have the latest and greatest ways for you to stay involved.

Over 19,000 University of California students, staff and faculty came together in the fall to take action against climate change.

Together, we pledged to take steps that will save over 20 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually. That’s equivalent to each of us taking nearly 2,000 cars off the road for a year!

See our press release announcing our accomplishments and congratulating UC Irvine on officially becoming the Coolest UC campus in 2015.

Photo by Priscilla Chen.
Photo by Priscilla Chen.